Puppy Grooms £20

We offer a puppy groom for your little babies under the age of 16 weeks. We know its daunting leaving your puppy for the first time but we can guarantee you they will love their first trip to Alpha dog grooming. It is always best to introduce your dog to grooming at an early age so they get used to the sights and sounds of the grooming salon.serv1

We will spend the short time fussing and playing with your puppy so that no negative associations are made for their first trip (and because playing with puppies is the best part of our day) we will shampoo in a gentle puppy friendly shampoo, blow dry, trim those sharp little talons, trim around the eyes and trim the hygiene area.

The whole groom should only take around 40 minutes to an hour depending on which breed of dog you have and its always best to bring along a few of your puppy favourite treats or toy so we can make being parted with you a little easier.


Bath and Blow Dry

Just need a bath and blow dry here are our average prices.

Long Coat

Small £15-£20

Medium £20-£30

Large £25-35

X Large £35-£50

Short Coat

Small £13-£15

Medium £15-£20

Large £20-£25

X Large £25-£35

Wash and go

Has your dog just jumped in the lake? Rolled in fox poo? Or dived head first in the mud? Drop by the salon and we can pop them in the bath for you. We have special Fox Poo shampoo if you have a pup that just loves to have a roll around in all things Foxy!

Bespoke service

We pride our doggy parlour on being flexible and catering to our clients needs, if you feel like your pooch isn’t quite ready for their next groom but have a bit too much hair in their eyes or round their bum and you need it trimming, or they are feeling a bit knotty and want a bit of professional help/advice pop by the salon and we will be happy to help you out. We know how tempting it might be to whip out your kitchen scissors and start trimming away, but for £5 we can trim and tidy all the little bits and bobs for you.

Nail Clipping £5

You can pop into our salon at any time for a nail trim. It should only take a few minutes.

Full Grooms

At Alpha Dog grooming we know how important it is for your pooch to be looking and feeling great so we offer a ‘full groom package’ for our clients.full groom

This includes a warm and relaxing bath using only the highest quality shampoo and conditioner for your pet, the bath is finished with a massage which concentrates on getting right down to the root of the hair to ensure the coat is as clean as possible. Your dog will be blow/fluff dried and trimmed to your specifications, we will clip, scissor or de-shed* the coat, clean and pluck the ears, trim the hygiene area, clip their nails and we can also empty anal glands. The groom is finished off with a coat conditioning spray which should leave your furry friend smelling great for days… so long as you dodge the muddy puddles!

*De-shedding treatment

One of our most frequently asked questions is “How can I stop my dog from shedding everywhere!”

Our most popular request is our signature de-shedding treatment for short & double coated dogs. It is included in our full groom price and suitable for breeds such as Labradors, Huskies, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Collies etc… Our aim is to rid your pet of all of its dead coat which will reduce the amount of hair that is deposited on your clothes and around your home, on furniture etc.shed

De-matting policy, Fleas and Aggression.

If your dog comes in to the salon heavily matted it is our salon policy to shave the coat. This is not because it is quicker and easier for us, it is because it is a lot more humane than brushing and tugging on matts which will cause extreme discomfort to a dog which has a lot of knots on their body. We have an added charge for shaving off a matted coat due to the strain on our blades and equipment and the extra time taken to complete the work. If you know that your dog has some matting, let us know in advance so we can allocate the appropriate time for your appointment.

There is an added charge if your dog comes in the salon with fleas due to the products used to treat your pet and salon

Please let us know if your dog bites. Although we appreciate sometimes your dog can be a little bit nippy when you touch their ears or pick up their feet, please tell us, its not that we won’t groom your dog, we just don’t like surprises.

We welcome your feedback!

We pride ourselves on perfection and would love to know what you think. If there is anything at all you are not happy with from the groom, to the service you have received, we welcome your comments so we can improve our service. If you don’t tell us we can’t fix it.

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