Furzone 320 Clipper

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£190.00 Inc VAT


A lightweight hybrid clipper/trimmer. Idea for small dogs and hygiene areas. It has its own D series blades specific for the clipper, quick detachable blades.


  • Weight: 308g
  • Dimensions; 180x46x42mm
  • Battery: Ni-MH 2.4V / 2700mA
  • Charging: 3-3.5 hours 
  • Operation time: 110 minutes
  • RPM: 4600
  • Carbon Brush Motor

Key Features:

  • Cordless operation for all day cutting 
  • 2 High capacity batteries 
  • Two battery charging dock 
  • Heavy duty torque combined with 4600 rpm 
  • Ergonomic body for comfort and control
  • Lightweight
  • Standard comb attachments are compatible with the 10, 15 and 30 D series blades

****Clipper comes with 1 year warranty****


12 reviews for Furzone 320 Clipper

  1. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Brilliant product! Absolutely love this clipper and how versatile it is. So quiet and light. It’s brilliant for small dogs but has the power to get through thick coats too! Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed

  2. Caira Warden

    Love this mini clipper!! So quiet, lightweight & works great with normal sized comb attachments. Great for small dogs & dogs that aren’t a fan of clippers on their legs. Blades are great, nice smooth cut & easy clean .

  3. Susie Elms

    Just got this and it’s a great clipper. It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Great smooth clip, with no clipper marks, a lovely finish. Bonus is you can use the comb attachment to. It’s not only great for little dog’s, helps you i. Those awkward places on the larger dogs. Love it

  4. Susie

    Great little clipper not only for the little dogs but those awkward areas on the others too. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Found that it clips beautifully with smooth polished finish. A must have for the salon. Great that you can use comb extensions too with it making a very versatile addition.

  5. Kirsty Young ICMG

    Superb little clipper, blades last a good while and can be used with ease on most coat types, leaves a beautiful finish and super battery life… hightly recommend!

  6. Joanna Heaton

    Well these clippers are a complete game changer. I only don’t use them on large dogs. They are light weight and quiet too. Also can use these on dogs who don’t normally like you clipping their legs. Such an amazing product.

  7. Joanna Heaton

    These clippers are a complete game changer, so quiet and lightweight. I use them on most of my dogs.

  8. Viki Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Have just ordered this and so far the customer service has been exceptional. Very excited to receive it and will review again one I’ve had a chance to try it out

  9. Mandy Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent – really easy to use, lightweight, quiet and perfect for smaller dogs. Love them.

  10. Dawn Richardson (verified owner)

    Absolute genius clippers… I have been grooming tiny dogs for a while saying ‘please god will someone make some small quiet clippers’… Bingo… Game changer, fabulous for tiny nervous dogs

  11. Kelly Byrne

    These clippers are exactly what I needed for nervous dogs, small dogs and the dogs more intricate areas.
    They are really quite, the blades do not seem to get overly warm, they are super quick to charge and interchange both batteries and blades themselves.
    I will buy another set for my staff in the new year.

  12. Jill Lancey (verified owner)

    Oh what a game changer, these clippers are fantastic, light, quiet and excellent especially for smaller dogs. Have used with comb attachments and they are spot on. Glide through the coat effortlessly. Very neat bit of kit, highly recommend, great edition to any groomers kit.

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