Ultimate Cleaning Bundle

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16 reviews for Ultimate Cleaning Bundle

  1. Tracy noyon

    I use the cleaning bundle,with the Mac ,it’s so easy to clean your clipper blades ,without them flying off on to the floor .

  2. Samantha Hitchcock

    I love this cleaning bundle I don’t know how I managed before I purchased these they make the blade mantance so much easier and quicker I love them

  3. Kirsty Hindson

    I couldn’t be without this blade cleaning kit! No more hurting fingers sliding the blades back and forth or pushing them too far and then struggling to get it back in! I leave all my blades in the pot overnight once a week for a thorough deep clean and they lubricate the blades really well!

  4. Carla sibbald

    This bundle is amazing the Mac makes cleaning blades quick and easy less fiddly and stops the blades being pushed too far and not being able to put them back together. The cleaning solution smells wonderful too. Would rate this kit as a necessity in the salon.

  5. Vikki Carr

    Love this. Blades come up really clean and smell great too

  6. Sammy Martin

    I brought this bundle from Crufts,I was terrible at cleaning my blades, but all dour components work great together to get my blades super clean super quick. Unfortunately though it does mean my blades visit you less as they are sharper for longer.

  7. Megan Wheatcroft

    Great product!! Brush is sturdy and long lasting. Wouldn’t be without mine.

  8. Laura Harper

    This bundle has everything you need to keep your blades in top condition! Has made my life so much easier and my sharpener has said the blades are in amazing condition when he gets them as they used to get clogged with hair a rusty from the other cleaner I was using. Highly recommended

  9. Frances Kibbler

    I love this cleaning bundle. The Mac makes blade cleaning easy and your blades are so much cleaner. Wouldn’t be without it now.

  10. Carly Latcham

    Bought the kit at Crufts, great at maintaining and thoroughly cleaning my blades!

  11. Hayley

    Great product, I don’t know how I’ve managed to clean my blades before purchasing this set.

  12. Reilly Taylor

    Love this cleaning kit. The fluid’s my favourite blade cleaner and I love the little woden brush. Shame the Mac doesn’t work with Wide blades, but it has saved me from slicing my fingers open when cleaning regular sized blades. Great package!

  13. Paula Thompson

    I bought this bundle and it’s truely been a game changer for keeping my blades clean and in top top condition. It makes the whole process so easy, and safer! No more clogged up blades or cut fingers ! And the support from Ryan has been great! Totally recommend

  14. Barbara Burnett

    Love this kit. My blade now doesn’t shot off when I’ve pushed it too far. The oil has a lovely scent as well.

  15. Tracey Clarke-Graham

    I bought this bundle love the smell of the cleaner and the Mac blade cleaner is so handy to use

  16. Jill (verified owner)

    Perfect bundle to clean all of the fantastic Alpha blades….. love the jar for end of day cleaning but the spray for sorting blades between dogs. Highly recommend for all salons.

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