Dog Groomers

We appreciate that as dog groomers your equipment is regularly pushed to its limits, often cutting through dirt and matts. Its important to us to get your scissors and clipper blades in prime working order so they are ready for you to get that show standard look on your clients.


Scissors are sharpened with all the leading “edge” equipment to give them competition feel and finish to your scissors. All micro serrations will be added to scissors which have them from factory specifications or can be added by request. After sharpening, scissors are fully serviced which includes set checking, balancing before final testing. 


Detail Bevel                                   £8

Detail Serrated                             £10

Detail Convex                               £11.50

Bevelled                                         £10 

Bevelled with micro serration    £12.50 

High Polish Bevel                           £15 

Convex                                            £16 

Convex with micro serration      £18.50 

Clipper Blades 

Clipper blades are sharpened on our automatic machine so give that precision grind on every blades. After sharpening all blades are serviced and tested before being sent back.

A5 Standard Blade                   £7.50 

Wide Blade                                £8.50 

Arco Refurbishment                £12.50 

Ceramic Blade                          £7.50 

Ceramic replacement             £13.50 

Clipper servicing £30 (plus any parts need) 

Note: All prices include VAT 



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