Domestic & Commercial Knife Sharpening

Whether you are a chef with a range of professional knives that need sharpening or your household kitchen knives have lost their edge we can restore these items to look and feel brand new. Using the Tormek T-7 Grindstone we can sharpen all qualities of steel.

All types of knives can be sharpened such as Global, I.O Shen,Saji, Tojiro Senkou etc just to name a few. These can been done in our workshop to the highest possible standard.

Serrated and ceramic knives can also be sharpened.

knive section picSteel Kitchen or Serrated knives £0.40p per inch

Ceramic Knives – £0.50p per inch  knive section pic 1
Small nicks/repairs – £2.00                                                                                                                                                                    

Large nicks/re-tipping/repairs – £4.00

knive section pic 2



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